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Zanzibar Extension

Charming architecture and delicious local cuisine will make Zanzibar one of the most evocative destinations in Africa.

You can virtually feel the sea breeze, hear the rustle of palm leaves, and smell the spices by just saying Zanzibar. I had always been intrigued by this Indian Ocean spice island, just by the name alone. Once I set foot on the island and watched the iconic Dhows, with their triangular sails, sampled the cuisine, and experienced this interesting history, I truly fell in love with it.


Sample Itinerary


1: Spend the day at leisure at Jambiani Villas, snorkel in the pristine waters, relax by the 3 pools.

2: Schedule a Dhow sail, swim with dolphins, snorkel and swim in the pristine water of the Indian Ocean.  Stop for a seafood barbecue on a remote deserted island.


3: Just enjoy exploring the quaint town of Jambiani, buy local produce from the children, swim and relax.


4: On route to Stone Town, stop for an exotic spice tour and try to identify different spices. Great place to buy spices. Explore the World Heritage Site of Stone Town, Zanzibar City's old quarter. Smell the exotic aromas, shop at Daranjani Bazar. Visit the home of Freddie Mercury, and go to the slave museum. Stroll along Stone Town's seafront promenade smelling spiced tea and hot chapattis, hearing the call to prayer echo out from the nearest mosque, bask in the sun and be greeted warmly by every local you meet.

Zanzibar Sample Itinerary

Jambiani Villa

Harmony, Peace, Tranquility

Away from the hustle and bustle, the village of Jambiani is located along the south-east coast on the tropical island of Zanzibar. Jambiani, rooted in local tradition, is famous for its white sandy beaches and turquoise waters creating a delightfully picturesque environment.

All our villas boast a spectacular uninterrupted view of the Indian Ocean, rivaling anywhere you’ve visited. The stunning scenery is complemented by on-site swimming pools, so you can take a dip in the ocean or the pools whenever you want. 

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